JNE will designate the third member of the JEE of Lima Centro in a lottery next Monday, January 31

JNE launches “ask your candidate” campaign for debates in the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections

The (JNE) will launch the “Ask your candidate” campaign, which will allow citizens to formulate questions that will be answered by the candidates for regional governments and the Municipality of Lima for the .

The purpose of the campaign is to contribute to the rapprochement between political organizations and citizens in the context of the electoral process, and encourage the formation of an informed citizenry that results in a responsible vote.

Questions will be received between Thursday, September 8 and Monday, September 12 on the Informed Vote website. You will also have the option to participate in the campaign through the chatbot that the JNE presented on Thursday 8.

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For the selection of citizen questions, a committee has been created in charge of the specialists of the Informed Vote Program of the National Directorate of Citizen Education and Civic Training (DNEF) of the JNE, as well as International IDEA, the Economic and Social Research Consortium (CIES), the Transparency Civil Association and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

They will select the questions that reflect the main concerns of citizens in relation to various topics of interest, which will be formulated and answered during the electoral debates that will take place throughout the country.

The following rules have been established for the formulation of the questions: Only those citizens who appear on the electoral roll will participate and they may do so only through the virtual form.

In addition, they must identify yourself with your DNI number, have no current political affiliation and they can only participate in the section that corresponds to them (Metropolitan Lima or regions).

Voters participating in the campaign “Ask your candidate” they must agree, if elected, to participate in the debate or record themselves asking the question according to the instructions provided.

It should be noted that citizens will have a list of topics on which they can ask their questions, depending on whether they are a voter from Metropolitan Lima or from some region. Each level of government will have a series of topics selected from the main problems identified in each constituency and in accordance with their powers.

The “Citizen Question” it was an initiative incorporated during the presidential, regional and municipal debates. The first experience dates back to the 2011 General Elections, when a block of questions from citizens was incorporated into the debate.

The JNE, through the DNEF, calls on the electorate to actively participate in the destiny of their region, province or district and to obtain better and official information about their candidates through the web: .


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