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Jinotegan family requests help to repatriate remains of another young Nicaraguan deceased in the US.

Jinotegan family requests help to repatriate remains of another young Nicaraguan deceased in the US.

The relatives of the young Nicaraguan Henry Antonio Castro They are requesting help to be able to repatriate his body from the United States, as confirmed by his sister-in-law María Dolores Borge Tinoco.

The unfortunate compatriot is originally from the Villa la Cruz neighborhood, in the city of Jinotega. Castro had left a year and a half ago for the northern country and had the hope of living there, working and thus being able to help his family financially.

He had settled in the city of Indianapolis, state of Indiana, but the situation became difficult for him because his health began to deteriorate and he was hospitalized due to blood pressure problems. On June 10, he died of a heart attack, as confirmed by his relatives.

Children mourn him

The young Nicaraguan leaves two small children, one nine years old and the other 12, orphaned. His wife, his mother and other relatives await the hope of being able to repatriate his remains and give him a Christian burial in his homeland.

Photo of Henry Antonio Castro Castro in life. Now his remains await the solidarity of his peers in order to be repatriated to his country of origin. Photo: Courtesy

To achieve this, they appeal to the solidarity of their peers and have enabled the accounts in BAC No. 367793320 in córdobas and the No. 367164969 in dollars or you can contact the number +505 8928-6797.

In the city of Jinotega, help can be taken to the following address: Villa la Cruz neighborhood, pastry shop, one block west, green house.

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In recent days, the death of several Nicaraguans in exile in the United States has become known. The psychologist Julia Aráuz recommends to all compatriots that if they face symptoms related to depression or anxiety, they should not hesitate to seek professional help.

Aráuz also called his relatives, who he recommended to be attentive to the reality that compatriots live in exile that is difficult.

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