Jinotega parishioners declare themselves "hurt with religious collaborators" of the dictatorship

Jinotega parishioners declare themselves “hurt with religious collaborators” of the dictatorship

In the midst of the persecution and attack on the Nicaraguan Catholic Church by the Daniel Ortega regime, parishioners make a serious complaint: there are religious who «they collaborate with the regime and silence the abuses against their own brothers».

Several Jinotegan parishioners complain about Father Rafael Ríos, to name one, who currently exercises the ministry in the Church «Maximilian Maria Kolbe», in the city of Jinotega. They accuse him of being «an ally of Ortega» and that it supports the repressive system against the Catholic Church.

According to a religious from this city, in November 2022, the regime did not allow Fray Juan Carlos Treminio to enter the country, after he participated in a meeting of religious in Guatemala. Treminio had worked in Nicaragua for 17 years, was the superior guardian of the Order of Friars Minor and spent several years as a parish priest in the Church of San Rafael del Norte, which belongs to the Diocese of Jinotega.

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Jinotega parishioners declare themselves "hurt with religious collaborators" of the dictatorship
Jinotega parishioners declare themselves "hurt with religious collaborators" of the dictatorship

Parishioners complain about Father Rafael Ríos, whom they accuse of collaborating with the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.

«Father Rafael Ríos had a hand in this arbitrary act, because he did not want the Franciscan religious to return, I am aware of that and I know that Ríos is an ally of the Sandinistas and is capable of anything to cause harm to the church.»assured another parishioner who asked to speak with a confidential identity to avoid the repression of the dictatorship.

«A good friend of the mayor

The Daniel Ortega regime has unleashed an open persecution against the Catholic Church of Nicaragua and specifically, against those bishops and priests who have raised their voices in defense of the people, in the face of constant human rights violations.

But despite the evident suffering of the pastors, such as Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, who has been kidnapped for more than three hundred days, subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment in a maximum security cell, in «The model»there are religious who keep a complicit silence. «That’s hurtful, that’s offensive»they say.

A Jinotegan citizen assured that Father Ríos, about whom they are publicly complaining, has received favors from the Ortega mayor, the sanctioned Leónidas Centeno. «Other priests questioned him on one occasion in a clergy meeting, but he cried and assured that it was false, but they have seen him bless political activities of the dictatorship»accused other faithful.

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Another action that the population disapproved of Father Ríos, is that he will celebrate «withdrawals» at the La Cuculmeca facilities after their legal status was removed and their facilities were occupied by the Ortega police. How is it possible that a priest is celebrating in an NGO stolen by the Sandinistas, doesn’t he see everything they are doing against the people? “Several residents reproached indignantly.

Old-time militancy?

In recent days, a parishioner said he was disappointed because he watched Father Ríos bless the inauguration of a fire station in Santa María de Pantasma, where the Ortega mayor, Carmen Medina, dedicated herself to praising the couple of dictators.

In 2010, Father Rafael Ríos was removed from the San Sebastián Parish, in the municipality of Yalí. The reasons were because he publicly promoted the candidacy of the dictator Ortega that they would celebrate in 2011. The case caused several parishioners to stop attending their masses.

The religious resisted leaving the parish and, supported by members of the Citizen Power Councils of the area, violated her and entered the temple. There they pressured the superior to reverse the decision, however, the hierarch imposed his authority and finally Father Ríos was transferred to the Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles parish, in the city of Jinotega.

A priest consulted for this note said that «pity» this type of attitude «brother rivers»but also assured that «God gives us a free will, and everyone will give an account of their works»he pointed.

By: United Voices.

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