Jhonny urges to leave the political calculation and work on the census

Jhonny urges to leave the political calculation and work on the census

September 22, 2022, 10:44 PM

September 22, 2022, 10:44 PM

Mayor Jhonny Fernández recounted the work he carries out around different areas in the municipality of Santa Cruz, during his speech at the Honorary Session held by the Council in the Fifth Municipal, on the night of this Thursday 22. On the occasion He showed a lot of closeness with the president Luis Arce, who attended the event.

With great confidence and even with a joking tone, on a couple of occasions he called him “Presi”, and thanked the economic support that the central government gives the Municipality to carry out works. He highlighted the BOL110 agreement, on citizen security, and the money it will give to renovate the Cabañas del Piraí.

He played with the people who cheered Arce, calling him by his nickname: “Lucho!, Lucho!; He asked that they acclaim him, but not much so as not to generate jealousy. The answer was immediate: “Jhonny!, Jhonny!”.

But there was no laughter when he spoke of the census. The mayor repeated what he has been saying for several months: that Santa Cruz has its updated urban cartography, that all municipalities should have it.

“Census, we all want a census; make it fast, we all want it. Here it is with evidence; here is not with talks. I have been in the other census, I was mayor too”manifested to say that since 2021 they have been asking to participate in the process.

Then he exhorted: “Let’s dedicate ourselves to working technically (…) let’s move forward; suddenly what we are saying 2024, is not, well!, but start working. That is what we have to do, let’s not harm people anymore; Let’s think with a vision of the future, no longer with political calculationstrite political speeches, that the only thing they have brought us is: confrontation, discrimination and abandonment of many people from the city and the department”.

His reflective moment also led him to refer to the need for togetherness. “If there is a vision of integration, it works. When one is selfish, or thinks of his political interest always loses; not only the politicianbut the citizen”, he indicated.

In his conciliatory facet, the burgomaster apologized: “If I was wrong about something, If I offended someone: I apologizeit was in the desire to advance”.

And, to end his speech, he promised “to be loyal and consistent with our principles; loyal and consistent with our municipality, and do more works”.

On the occasion, Fernández once again referred to the tablets that he gave to the students, the school voucher and the smart boards, and announced again that will deliver some folders with school supplies next year. In Health, he spoke of two new second-level centers, which he also indicated will be built with the support of the central government.

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