JetSMART General Manager: "The focus is on having low costs, on democratizing the skies" (VIDEO)

JetSMART General Manager: “The focus is on having low costs, on democratizing the skies” (VIDEO)

The low cost airline JetSMART began its operations in the country, with domestic routes, on June 14.

Diario CORREO attended the inaugural flight of the airline and spoke with Francesca Luna, general manager of the company, to learn more about the low-cost air service that they will offer to the Peruvian public.

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What characterizes and differentiates JetSMART from other low cost airlines in the country?

We are focused on having low costs, this allows us to offer very cheap rates to travelers and that each one can customize their trip according to what they need.

In addition, we have a completely new fleet, we work with Airbus 320 NEO aircraft, which are very good for the environment, reducing fuel use by 20%. This also makes them efficient, so we have lower costs and we can continue with this strategy of ultra-low rates.

We are also known for decentralizing, we want to promote the regions of the country, therefore, we have many flights that do not pass through Lima.

What is the fleet with which they will operate this year 2022? What are your projections about it?

This first year there will be a fleet of five new Airbus 320 NEO aircraft. Our projection is to double the fleet for next year, with this we will increase frequencies to the routes that we already operate and increase them, too, where the infrastructure allows us to operate.

What are the national routes with which you currently operate?

We have started, and thirteen routes are already on sale: nine are from Lima and four SMART routes that do not pass through the capital. We have Lima – Arequipa, Juliaca, Cusco, Tarapoto, Piura, Trujillo, Talara, among others.

Does JetSMART assume any kind of commitment to the environment?

We are very committed to this, our fleet of Airbus 320 NEO aircraft reduces fuel consumption, as well as the acoustic footprint.

Aligned with this commitment to sustainability, all the tails of our planes carry photos of part of the South American fauna. In the case of Peru, the planes that are part of the Peruvian fleet are the hummingbird, which we call Captain FAP José Abelardo Quiñones, we also have the flamingo. The owl and the woodpecker are arriving soon, we hope to also incorporate animals from the Peruvian fauna itself, such as the cock-of-the-rock or the Peruvian dog.

JetSMART General Manager: "The focus is on having low costs, on democratizing the skies" (VIDEO)

What do you have prepared for the public for the start of your decentralized flights?

Commemorating the beginning of our operations we have promotions from 17 dollars per section, in addition, with the promotional code “first flight”, on these rates, you can have a 40% discount. We invite you to travel, we are here to democratize the skies.

What are the protocols implemented by the airline against COVID-19?

All our planes have EPA filters that purify the air every three seconds and clean the air by 99.9%. For this reason, the plane is one of the cleanest and most disinfected means that exist.

In addition to this, we have deep disinfections every night and every flight change. We also have biosafety certification and we have been chosen, with great pride, as the best low-cost airline in South America by the Skytrax World Airlines Awards.

How many passengers do you expect to have transported by the end of this year?

We have a goal of one million passengers for our first year of operations, to date we have already sold (tickets to) more than 115 thousand passengers.

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