Jet Blue sigue registrando quejas sobre el trato del personal a dominicanos

Jet Blue continues to register complaints about the treatment of Dominicans by staff

Santo Domingo.- The airline Jet Blue continues to register complaints about the treatment of staff to Dominicans, this Friday cHundreds of passengers today denounced their disagreement due to the delay of a flight and alleged lack of authority on the part of the Dominican airport institutions to force this line to comply with its services.

Flights to and from Santo Domingo have again been delayed, a situation that passengers say has caused them problems.

Similarly, they indicated that flight 2604, which would depart from the airport International Las Americas doctor José Francisco Peña Gómez at 6:16 PM has been delayed three timess and they fear that other delay notices are yet to come.

Likewise, they affirmed that in the afternoon Jet Blue informed them that said flight would no longer depart at the time initially indicated, but at 7:50 at night, then the airline announced that it would be at 8:18 and after that I would leave at 8:40 at night.

However, the passengers denounced that they did not explain the causes of the delays.

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