Jesús Méndez will be transferred to Caracas for the PDVSA-Crypto case

The businessman Jesús Méndez, alias El Gordo, allegedly involved in the corruption schemes of the so-called PDVSA-Crypto case who was captured in the state of Táchira a few weeks ago, will be transferred in the next few hours to Caracas to hold the presentation hearing before the court competent, as reported to Last News judicial sources linked to the investigation of the case.

Through the raids carried out by the National Anti-Corruption Police, a lot of documentation has been obtained that commits Jesús Méndez to the PDVSA Cripto case, the sources reported.

According to their investigations, public documents show that Jesús Méndez, alias “El Gordo” is related to the businessman Miguel Mendoza Maldonado who remains fugitive.

In the raids on the #PNCC last weekend (La Castellana office and apartment in Los Caobos) account statements of Miguel Mendoza and his sister Blanca were found (in US banks) at the following address in Miami, 11111 Biscayne Blvd. Apto 9xx, Jockey Club”, refers the portal The board.

Méndez and Mendoza Maldonado are listed as partners of the firm Haylef Investment Corp., registered in Panama in 2014 together with Miguel Mendoza’s sister, Blanca Mendoza Maldonado.

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