Jennifer Aniston: "The world needs more humor!"

Jennifer Aniston: “The world needs more humor!”

The world needs more humor, especially the United States, which is too politically divided, believes American actress Jennifer Aniston, who stars with her colleague Adam Sandler in “Murder Mystery 2,” a light detective comedy with an international cast.

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“Comedy has evolved, movies have changed. Now it’s more difficult because you have to be very careful, which makes it difficult for the actors, because the beauty of comedy consists in laughing at ourselves, laughing at life“, Aniston declares in an interview with journalists in Paris, to present the film.

And then he exclaims: “the world needs more humor! Especially in the United States, which is too divided.”

A TV series like “Friends”, d.e huge success in the 1990s, which launched the career of Aniston and other actors, it would not be possible with the same script today, says the actress.

“I don’t think so” he answers without hesitation. “There’s a whole new generation of kids now watching ‘Friends’ episodes and finding it offensive”he thinks, alluding to politically correct speech.

“I don’t know, everyone finds something offensive” these days, the actress sighs.

However, a series like “Friends” addressed issues such as homosexuality in an open and comprehensive manner, always under the prism of humor.

“There were things that were never intended, and others that perhaps we should have thought about more. But there was not the same sensitivity that there is now, ”reflects Aniston.

Adam Sandler steps in to add the sarcastic touch: “You know something else that has changed about comedies? Costumes”.

“Do you remember when we started doing comedies?” he says, addressing her friend, whom he met as a teenager.

“They gave you a small budget (for wardrobe), they told you ‘do what you can with this.’ And now they want you to look awesome. So now it’s time to work harder, ”she adds with a laugh.

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