Jeff Jarrett continúa su guerra contra los aficionados latinos

Jeff Jarrett continues his war against Latino fans

TripleMania XXX It is a very special event for Lucha Libre AAA. For this reason, this year it has been divided into three nights. The first, in Monterrey, had many points of attention. One of them was the presence of Jeff Jarrett, who has been at the center of controversy ever since. The WWE Hall of Fame member spoke with AS and Planeta Wrestling to give his version of what happened on April 30. Reports suggest that someone left the arena in an ambulance after an argument and Jarrett gave his version.

“There’s a lot of controversy surrounding that. When my lover and I went to the meek in the ring, I was defending my wife’s honor. Things got ugly. Lpeople from the ringiste started throwing things, there were a couple of security guards who stopped several, but when we got backstage the discussion continued. There was a pretty brutal scene, if you will, reports say that Latin Lover left by ambulance. So I’ll leave it like this“He pointed out. He clarified little, but he was clearer when talking about the fans. He reaffirmed his position.

Do you think the Mexican fans respect us? I don’t think I’ve ever been to Mexico and the fans have respected me. They always throw things at me, it states. His excuses did not stop there: “Latin Lover was the one who threw the first punch. Not only the Monterrey fans disrespected me, Latin Lover too. He first hit me and then he kissed my wife,” he added.

Jarrett also discussed the second night of Triplemania XXX in Tijuana (June 30). “I’m not sure if I’ll go back, and neither will Karen, to Mexico. I haven’t made the decision. If I come back I can assure you that I will get revenge on Latin Lover. He will regret laying a hand on me, “he snapped. Finally, the WWE Hall of Fame member attacked Latinos again:”Spanish is a primitive language. Today I want to point out that Latin Lover is rubbish“.

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