Jeep Commander is incomparable at Expoauto 2023

Jeep Commander is incomparable at Expoauto 2023

March 17, 2023, 9:15 PM

March 17, 2023, 9:15 PM

With a toast and applause the launch of the new Jeep Commander was celebrated. The imposing model was presented at the Jeep stand, within the framework of the 2023 version of Expoauto, which takes place until this Sunday, March 19, in Santa Cruz.

At the presentation cocktail they were the company managers who talked about the new model and invited the attendees to toast. The master of ceremony, Jéssica Suárez, introduced Edwin Rocabado, commercial director of Astara Ovando to give the welcoming words.

Enrique Espinoza, Andrés Gastin, Sergio Pedrazas and Martín Lemaitre.

The person in charge of giving more details about the launch was José Torrezim, manager of Stellantis, who arrived from Chile. Stellantis general manager, Carlos Balcázar, followed with a speech that led to a toast to which all those present joined and celebrated with enthusiasm.

In his presentation, those in charge of exposing the characteristics of the new SUV model, For its acronym in English Sports Utility Velicle (sports utility vehicle), highlighted its capacity for seven passengers and its two-tone body with roof and pillars painted in piano black.

“The Jeep Commander Overland is the perfect companion for any adventure. In addition, its dual-zone climate control, ventilation outlets in the rear seats, USB A and C ports, power outlet, premium finishes combined in leather and suede, and panoramic sunroof, offer a cabin at the height of the driving experience: comfortable and unparalleled. ”, They described from the automotive house.

Jeep Commander is incomparable at Expoauto 2023

Husbands. Daniel Gumucio with Karen Chavez.

Jeep Commander is incomparable at Expoauto 2023

Presents. Paola Toledo, Gabriela Inácio, Carla Amusquivar and Carmen Gutiérrez

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