Javier García proposed that the military cook and deliver school meals

The Minister of National Defense, Javier García, made the Armed Forces (Armed Forces) available “to support the feeding of schoolchildren” after the teachers grouped in the Uruguayan Federation of Teachers (FUM) resolved no more union guards on strike days and in consequence, do not deliver more food to students who are part of the School Feeding Program.

Among adults we can argue, but with the feeding of the gurises you don’t play“, the minister wrote on his Twitter account.

This Thursday with the 24-hour general strike set by the PIT-CNT, some dining rooms were closed. The general director of Initial and Primary Education, Graciela Fabeyro, said that although there would be “many open schools”, “There is no way with the schools that are closed.”

“Schools that open and have staff respond normally, preparing food or receiving companies in cases that are outsourced”said to Telemundo.

Nevertheless, with the closed “there is no way”. “With the transport stoppage it is not possible to ensure that there will be personnel, it is not feasible to organize any strategy in advance“, he declared.

Minister García said that he hoped that the FUM measure would be “reconsidered” and “annulled”. In any case, he told Fabeyro and the president of the Central Board of Directors (Codicen), Robert Silva, that the Armed Forces were available to handle the logistics of school meals. The military could contribute so much “in logistics” as for “cooking”, said this Thursday in 12PM of Blue FM.

“They will take it into account”he maintained regarding the response he received from the educational authorities.

García also criticized the general strike set by the PIT-CNT

“The union demands must be clear. For something concrete. This is a political strike for something that does not exist. Where there is no bill”, he argued in reference to the preliminary draft of the social security reform. One of the points that they pointed out from the union central to base the measure.

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