Jaris Almánzar: dos meses de coerción en contra de su esposa e hijo

Jaris Almánzar: two months of coercion against his wife and son

Two months of pretrial detention are imposed against two people involved in a shooting confrontation in which three police officers were injured and two companions of the accused died, including a man wanted for drug trafficking.

The defendants are Natalie Suriel Hiciano or Liriano and Jairo Almánzar, wife and son of Jaris Almánzar, investigated for drug traffickingThey will comply with the measure in the Samaná public prison for women and in the Vista al Valle Correction and Rehabilitation Center, respectively, while they face charges of attempted homicide and related crimes.

Both were arrested in San Francisco de Macorís after a shootout with the National Police, in which Jaris Almánzar and Jeffry Oscar Sosa Mejía were killed.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses Suriel Hiciano and Jairo Almánzar of violating articles 2, 265, 266, 295 and 304 of the Criminal Code and articles 66 and 67 of Law 631-16, which typifies the association of criminals to commit attempted murder and illegal carrying and possession of firearms, due to the fact that Private Enmanuel Durán Peralta, Corporal Eddy Frank Bocio Pérez and Major Matos Trinidad Martirez, of the National Police, were injured.

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The Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services, presided over by Judge Carminia Caminero, accepted the request of the Public ministryafter the body of the accusation proved the danger that both defendants are removed from the process.

The events occurred on December 17.when in the early hours of the morning the defendants accompanied Jaris Almánzar and Jeffry Oscar Sosa Mejía, aboard a vehicle.

The instance for the measure of coercion details that, in front of the Los Mártires park, in San Francisco, the agents told the group to stop the vehicle, an order that was disobeyed by the criminals, who shot at the authorities.

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He narrates that this action triggered an exchange of shots that culminated in the death of Almánzar and Sosa Mejía and with wounds to the arms of the defendants.

Jaris Almánzar: two months of coercion against his wife and son

The police officers Durán Peralta, Bocio Pérez and Matos Trinidad were also injured.

The Duarte Prosecutor’s Office indicates that the group headed by Jaris Almánzar was wanted for committing multiple criminal acts in the Las Terrenas environmentSamaná province, and for engaging in the distribution of drugs in that town.

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