Jailers of the Ortega regime deny information about the political prisoner Manuel Urbina Lara

Jailers of the Ortega regime deny information about the political prisoner Manuel Urbina Lara

The relatives of the political prisoner Manuel Urbina Lara traveled to the Waswalí prison, in Matagalpa, to request information about the prisoner of conscience of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, but the authorities of the Penitentiary System denied them information and threatened them so that they drop their complaints.

Erick Urbina, son of Urbina Lara; a niece of the prisoner and the released political prisoner Pedro Gutiérrez, came to the prison to find out the state of health of the political prisoner, who along with other opponents have been on a hunger strike for five days.

According to Erick Urbina, when he requested information about his father, the prison warden, Darling Iván Duarte Morales, went out to meet him and made him go to his office, where he informed him that he would not allow him a visit and threatened him: “His words were: that If we continue campaigning for his (Urbina Lara) freedom, then none of his relatives are going to see him again.”

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In a video recorded from outside the Matagalpa prison, the political prisoner’s niece denounced that a prison officer told them that it was forbidden to record complaints from that place.

Darling Iván Duarte Morales, warden of the Waswalí Penitentiary System, Matagalpa. Photo: Presidency.

«If something happens to (Manuel) Urbina Lara, his state of health worsens, they continue to beat him and torture him, we make it public that all the responsibility lies with them (pointing towards the interior of the prison). We are going to continue in the fight, we are going to continue denouncing and this is not going to stop here. By denying the rights (of the visit) as a son and family, they themselves are violating the rights of Urbina Lara and all the political prisoners who are inside, “said the niece of the prisoner of conscience.

In addition, he assured that in the face of the mayor’s refusal to visit Urbina Lara, he would confirm that the information about the beatings against political prisoners and the imprisonment in the “dungeon”, a punishment cell in the prison, is “true”. “They don’t want the people and the whole world to realize what is happening here inside the Waswalí prisons,” he said.

This Friday, April 29, in the morning hours, relatives of the political prisoners on hunger strike in the Matagalpa prison, denounced that, after the announcement of the civic protest, some six inmates were forcibly removed from their cabins. and transferred to punishment cells known as “dungeons.”

«The mattresses where they were sleeping and the food were removed. They are sleeping on the floor, they took away their drinking water. They are severely tortured, they have no food. They scattered them. They looted their food and threatened them,” one of the relatives told Article 66.

Like the lawyer, now a political prisoner, prisoners of conscience Santos Pérez, Emiliano Zeledón; and brothers Oliver and Dorling Montenegro.

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