Jaén: “Martinelli knows that the legal authorities are taking him to the point that he will be disqualified”

Angel Valdes | July 21, 2023

The lawyer Neftalí Jaén made an analysis of the current situation of former President Ricardo Martinelli when a guilty sentence was issued in the New Business Case and on the appeal and the extraordinary appeal.

«In a tweet that I put (Martinelli), he points out that he is going to look for a person who, if they do not let him participate in the elections, will be the person who replaces him and the one who will win, that is not automatically endorsed, that he keeps it valid politically for the life of the party and the possible deputies, mayors, representatives who can be elected in May, then that is already part of this game, this is like an acknowledgment of him, that he knows that the legal entities are taking it to the point to be disqualified,” said Jaén.

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