Iván Márquez is hospitalized in Venezuela, reveals military intelligence information

Iván Márquez is hospitalized in Venezuela, reveals military intelligence information

The Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, pointed out that Colombian intelligence sources analyzed the video released by the ‘Second Marquetalia’ of the FARC dissidents, in which they would confirm that ‘Iván Márquez’ would be being treated at a Hospital in Caracas, after the attack he suffered against him.

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Minister Molano maintained that said evidence is valid and would confirm that one of those who speaks in the video is Alberto Cruz Lobo, aka Enrique Marulandaone of the sons of alias Tirofijo, founder of the Farc guerrilla and who died of natural causes.

“The information that we have by intelligence has been that indicated after the presentation of the video, it has been validated that it is a valid report, of course the information that has intelligence is that in those disputes one of these ‘vendettas’ was presented in which it affects his (Iván Márquez’s) integrity,” he said.

Molano also stressed that “he (Márquez) is being protected by the Nicolás Maduro regime and that he is in a hospital in Caracasis the information we have. We will inform you of any other inquiry or additional information.”

The head of the Defense portfolio also expressed that those who appear together with Marulanda are second and third leaders of the ‘Second Marquetalia’ of the FARC dissidents.

It should be remembered that the attack against Iván Márquez would have been ordered by Néstor Gregorio Vera Fernández alias ‘Iván Mordisco’, in retaliation for the attack in which ‘Gentil Duarte’ died, in May of this year.

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Finally, in relation to Cruz Lobo son of Tirofijo, it is worth mentioning that he was a signatory to the peace process, he was also in 2018 in the village area of ​​Mesetas in Meta, and then he appeared as one more member of the Second Marquetalia.

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