Iván Flores asks the PC not to “tear clothes” due to breach of the agreement for the presidency of Cariola in the Chamber

The senator and militant of the Christian Democracy (DC) Iván Flores, addressed the election of the next presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, which would correspond to the deputy of the Communist Party (PC) Karol Cariola, but his appointment has been found with the refusal of the People’s Party (PDG) and the phalanx itself. The former president of the Lower House asked the PC “not to tear clothes” in view of the possibility that the Christian Democrats fail to comply with the agreement, since he says that they have done the same thing to his party “several times.”

Let us remember that, despite the fact that Cariola’s arrival at the front is part of the administrative agreement signed by the majority of the House on March 11, the PDG questioned the legislator for her role as spokesperson in the Approval campaign and in The DC criticized the PC for not rejecting the complaint against the former director of the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), Sergio Micco.

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“In politics there is a maxim that allows progress (…), which is the fulfillment of the agreements. Here there is an agreement for Karol Cariola to be president of the Chamber of Deputies in the second year together with two more people as vice presidents. (But) the agreements have to be fulfilled as long as there is no tension or changes in the political scenario that cause these agreements to be reviewed, which is exactly what is happening today,” said Senator Flores, in conversation with Cooperative Radio.

“We must not forget that the DC has been like the tool of the class, because several times they have failed to comply with the agreements, (…) so do not come to me with stories now, to tear the clothes of compliance with agreements. (. ..) I am always going to comply with the agreements, but the others also have to do so,” added the legislator, reviewing what happened with the former director of the INDH.

For the parliamentarian “here there has not been a turn without justification of the deputies of the bench (DC) of the Chamber.” What has happened, he said, “is that the Communist Party is part of an unjust action, clearly, against an emblematic figure of ours, who is Sergio Micco —historic DC militant—”.

“Sergio Micco has been a fighter for human rights all his life. He has dedicated his whole life to this: he has written, he has worked, he has participated, but it turns out that now he is the subject of an unjust legal action, where some of the PC are part of that. Then do not come to ask us as a party for support for one thing, while they are hitting us from the other side,” criticized Iván Flores.

And he closed: “Things in politics have to be each one in his store, each one in his vision, each one in his action, but there has to be a certain honorability. We have always fulfilled the agreements, as long as they do not change us the rules of the game”.

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