Italy eliminates the sanitary pass but keeps the masks in the cinemas

Italians will stop wearing masks and presenting the health pass from May 1 in bars, restaurants and offices, but they will have to keep it in means of transport, health centers and cinemas.

The Italian Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, signed a decree that eliminates the obligation to wear the mask in nightclubs, bars and restaurants and supermarkets, but “recommends” it in workplaces and in crowds.

Its use will be mandatory until June 15 in public transport, as well as in spaces for shows -cinema, theater, music- and sports activities in closed venues.

It will also be mandatory for employees or visitors of health centers and residences for the elderly, and in schools until the mid-year holidays.

The health pass, the negative test or the vaccination certificate will no longer be mandatory as of May 1 for the vast majority of activities.

Vaccination remains mandatory for health personnel until December 31.

Italy, which lifted the obligation to wear a mask outdoors in mid-February, has paid a heavy price for Covid-19 with more than 163,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

The peninsula is one of the few EU countries that has not completely lifted all restrictions and is following a cautious policy in the face of fear of new infections.

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