Itaipu supplied 6,996 GWh of electricity to the country

Itaipu supplied 6,996 GWh of electricity to the country

Jatar Eduardo Fernández Safuán, alias “Oso”, requested a right to reply for a publication referring to his person in a previous case from which he was dismissed, and also clarifying that he has no judicial convictions, according to the judicial record report – criminal area of ​​the Supreme Court of Justice.

Under the sponsorship of lawyers, Jatar Oso Eduardo Fernández Safuan, candidate for Deputy for the Central Department, elected in the elections held on April 30 of this year, I respectfully address you. In exercise of the right of reply granted by the Law 1262/1987, “WHICH ESTABLISHES THE RIGHT OF RECTIFICATION OR ANSWER”, in its art. 1, which says: Every natural or legal person has the right to rectify or contest the publication or dissemination, by any means of social communication, of facts that allude to him and consider inaccurate or the disclosure may cause harm, legal persons may exercise the right of rectification or response through their legal representation and in a single writing even if the fact refers to several people related to them, in order to answer the publication uploaded by the newspaper on May 5 of the current year on its digital page : en que el-oso-barrabrava-hoy-deputado-participado de asalta-a-mujer.

I want to state, when your post says: “Eduardo Jotor “Oso” Fernández Safuán, is prosecuted in a case of assault, coercion, disturbance of public peace and violation of law 1866/2002 against violence in stadiums“. It is untrue, I am not prosecuted, I have no criminal case open against me.

“The “Bear” was (still is) leader of one of the factions of the dean’s bars and had the misfortune of coming across the group commanded by the brand new deputy elected by the National Crusader today”. I am not a leader of a barra bravas faction, I flatly deny it, nor did I command a group of barrabrava that day. Yes, I attended the aforementioned match and at that moment I was leaving the stadium to go get into my car, like any other fan of his favorite club.

“In the video images you can see the group that surrounds the girl, who is stripped of her belongings, and forced to take off her shirt.” Regarding the filming to which they allude, I want to clarify that in the file No. 567 and Year 2018 with the cover: “JATAR EDUARDO FERNÁNDEZ. SAFUAN AND OTHERS ON DISTURBANCE OF THE PUBLIC PEACE AND OTHERS”, the CRIMINAL COURT OF GUARANTEES NRO. 1, has issued the Interlocutory Order, “Resolution”, No: 429 dated June 7, 2018 that says: CAUSE: “JATAR EDUARDO FERNÁNDEZ SAFUAN AND OTHERS s / DISTURBANCE OF PUBLIC PEACE AND VIOLATION OF LAW No. 1866 . IDENTIFICATION N° 01-01-02-43-2018-567”

On the occasion of the hearing, with the presence of the Fiscal Agent Abog. MIGUEL QUINTANA LARREA, spoke as follows: “… in response to what was raised by the Defense Attorney, this Public Representation taking into account these statements and what is in the tax investigation notebook, specifically the testimonial statement of the person who captured the images in which the aggression suffered by the alleged victim can be observed, as well as the reproduction of this filming at the headquarters of the Public Ministry carried out on June 4 of this current jointly with the Defense Attorney, it is observed that the accused was in the place, but in these images it is not visualized that indeed at that moment of capturing the images he would have attacked or motivated others to attack the alleged victim, observing that he presented a calm behavior and is even seen conversing with agents of the National Police, these factual circumstances to date vary the initial hypothesis held by the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the time of formulating the accusation and request for the application of the prison measure, which means that by virtue of the objective criterion that governs the Ministry Public is issued in relation to the petition, stating that it is not opposed to the application of a less burdensome measure and that this is the one established in Article 245 paragraph 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, even more so taking into account that there are two criminal types in those that frame the facts allegedly attributed to the accused…

Those were the words of the prosecutor of the case, which ended with the final dismissal.

On October 7, 2021, Justice RESOLVES:


DEFINITELY DISCLAIM to the same (…) with the express declaration that the formation of the present cause DOES NOT AFFECT THE GOOD NAME AND HONOR.

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