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Itaipu, education and health, the axes of Chilavert in its first 100 days

The candidate for president, José Luis Chilavert, announced that, if he wins the elections, the first 100 days will give priority to the Itaipu negotiation, education and access to health.

“For us the priority is Itaipu, it is the national cause one, negotiate well with the neighboring country, afterwards; education, an education that is so broken, we manage that there are more than 3,500 schools that are destroyed, teachers must be equipped with technology because we are also concerned because in 3 years more than 3,000 teachers will retire and we have to see if the MEC did the job of replacing them,” Chilavert said in an interview with Universo-Nación Media radio.

It was before the consultation on the priority axes during his first 100 days of Government, in the event that he were to win the elections, with his duo Sofía Scheid, candidate for the Vice Presidency of the Republic.

It also included Public Health and argued that there are many problems at the country level, mainly in access to care and coverage of treatments and medications.

Chilavert elaborated on Itaipu and considered that Paraguay must use the energy that it has left over and have a negotiating waist with the Governmentso that we can sell to Brazil at market price, or otherwise, attract investors for the commercialization of this resource.

Regarding the other neighbor, Argentina, he maintained that Mario Abdo Benítez missed a brilliant opportunity during the Celac summit, to claim the unfair collection of the toll on the waterway, since January of this year and who was more concerned about Venezuela, before his country.

Regarding the Agreement, Chilavert affirmed that It was always a farce and that the results of the inmates speak about it, since before starting the road to the generals, they already started with fraud.

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