"It seems silly to deceive the viewer": The real reason for Aída Bossa's departure from 'Masterchef' was revealed

“It seems silly to deceive the viewer”: The real reason for Aída Bossa’s departure from ‘Masterchef’ was revealed

Aida Bossa in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’.

Consuelo Cepeda, defender of the viewer, showed her anger because the truth was not told to the audience.

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‘Masterchef Celebrity’ continues to be one of the favorite programs of Colombian viewers.

In this season of the reality show on the RCN channel, one of the celebrities had to leave the cooking competition due to “a personal decision.”

It was about the coastal actress Aída Bossa, who a couple of weeks ago left the kitchen of ‘Masterchef’ amid the uncertainty of the contestants and viewers, who did not explain the reasons for her unexpected departure from the program.

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«My valecitas, thanks for all those messages that I am receiving, there are situations in life where one has to make decisions and at that moment I could not continue in the competition. That is why I left with a lot of pain, because I was happy until the last day, it was a wonderful experience », this is how Bossa said goodbye to the program.

However, today the real reason why the Bolivarian left the cooking competition was known.

According to Consuelo Cepeda, Ombudsman for Viewers, the reason for Bossa’s departure was due to a work situation.

“The recordings of ‘Masterchef’ were crossed with those of Leandro Díaz and that can happen to any television producer,” said the program host.

It should be remembered that the novel that will premiere very soon on the RCN channel has the leading role of the vallenato singer Silvestre Dangond, an artist who will bring the minstrel to life.

"It seems silly to deceive the viewer": The real reason for Aída Bossa's departure from 'Masterchef' was revealed
Cast of Leandro Diaz. Photo: @canalrcn

The defender made an invitation to RCN and the other channels in whose programming they have reality shows or contests: «We invite you to be honest with the viewers. It seems to me that it is foolish to try to deceive viewers with half information ».

Cover photo: @aidabossa

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