Dice no permitirán vulneren soberanía

It says they will not allow to violate sovereignty

Santo Domingo.- The Commander General of the Dominican Republic Navy (ARD), Vice Admiral Francisco Antonio Sosa Castillo, guaranteed that he and the other armed forces will never allow peace, tranquility and national sovereignty to be broken.

Sosa Castillo, leading an act of recognition for a group of members of the Dominican Navy, said that the men and women who make up that military institution remain vigilant to defend the nation tooth and nail.

“We are disciplined men and women, working day and night, together with the other armed institutions, to guarantee that the peace and tranquility of our beloved Dominican Republic prevail over all things,” said the senior officer.

The general commander of the ARD maintained that the fulfillment of his duties, the order and the discipline that prevails in that military institution, is what has allowed it to reach the highest levels of development.

“Discipline is the engine that drives the development of any organization or institution, and that is what exists most in our glorious Navy of the Dominican Republic, which is why I am proud of you men and women who make up this armed body” Vice Admiral Sosa Castillo said.

He spoke at the 27 de Febrero naval base while leading an act of recognition of a group of members of the Navy who, during the months of July and August, participated in operations to seize large shipments of drugs, merchandise trafficking and avoiding illegal trips of people to Puerto Rico.

The Vice Admiral expressed that the institution will not lose heart for a single moment to, together with the other armed forces, maintain a firm fight against illegal actions.

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