"It looks like the cave of Ali Baba and 11 more thieves"Sánchez said about the Executive Tower

The senator of the Broad Front (FA) Alejandro Sánchez expressed that the Executive Tower “looks like the cave of Ali Babá and 11 more thieves”.

Sánchez referred to the news that Presidency transferred 10 officials who were part of the Presidential Security Service (SSP)body in charge of the custody of the president Luis Lacalle Pou.

“The truth is that the government has decided to review the background of the entire guard and has found a set of elements that change the government’s criteria, because until now Lacalle Pou maintained that police notes deserved the same full confidence; it seems that that is a criterion that the government changed and that is why it has removed 10 people from the guard more”, said the legislator at a press conference.

Sánchez is the convening member of the call to general committee the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, the Pro-Secretary of the Presidency, Rodrigo Ferrés, and the Director of State Strategic Intelligence, Álvaro Garcé, who takes place this Wednesday.

In this parliamentary instance, the opposition legislators seek “Analyze the incompetences, errors and irregularities” which led to the former custodian of Lacalle Pou, Alejandro Astesiano, may have access to sensitive information and strategic security and defense”, as well as data of “all citizens”.

The answer

For his part, the secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, replied to the Frente Amplio legislator that his words “are ultimately hurtful”. “The qualifiers of this type what they do is dirty the field a lot and give a fight in a field that I think does not contribute anything to society, ”he reflected.

“Each one is great and knows what he does, and knows the consequences of what he does. Everyone has the right to know what happened and we are the main interested in punishing to those who departed from the law,” stressed the hierarch, according to Telemundo (Channel 12).

Thus, Delgado emphasized that the objective is that the investigation into the Astesiano case go “to the bone” and that it reach a punishment “if necessary.”

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