They found a burned, dismembered and decapitated body in the North Cemetery

"it has me burned": the plot that ended with a dismembered woman

On January 20, the victim’s brother went to visit her, since she did not answer his calls. He found the door open and, upon entering, realized that it was missing several objects, but her sister was not in it. The man who rented her apartment hadn’t seen her since Friday the 13th, so he reported her wife missing.

On January 21, the victim’s son appeared at the sectional. He commented that a man nicknamed Nano – for whom the woman’s son worked selling base paste – had told him that he had killed his mother. He told her that he “had hanged her, burned her and that her body had already disappeared,” said the prosecutor in the case, Adriana Edelman, at a court hearing whose record she agreed to. The Observer.

That same day, officials from the municipal service found a dismembered body in the Northern Cemetery. It was so deteriorated that in the first instance they could not determine if it was a man or a woman.

As reconstructed by the Prosecutor’s Office, the victim and Nano knew each other because her son sold chasquis – doses of base paste – for him. The young man, about 23 years old, who is a drug user, in some cases did not sell the substances that Nano gave him and kept them. In those cases, he asked his mother for money to pay off the debt.

She and Nano met about three weeks or a month ago. In that period, ifThey got together to use drugs and had a sexual relationship. According to the prosecutor’s account, on January 14 or 15, Nano and the victim went looking for another young man who lived with him. The objective was to consume drugs and have relationships between the three of them.

When they arrived at the victim’s house, she and Nano went alone to the bedroom to discuss. The reason was that she had given up having sex with the other man, because he seemed too young (she is 23 years old). Meanwhile, he was listening to the discussion from the dining room, but when he heard a moan, he kicked the door and saw how Nano choked the woman from behind. “That’s it, I already had a burn,” the murderer told her while her body lay on the bed.

As could be seen in the tracking of the electronic anklet that the defendant was wearing at the time of the crime – this measure had been ordered by the Family Justice – he went twice to a field where he burned and sectioned the body. He also returned to her house and took her purse, various appliances, her cocker spaniel and her car. January 15, around 11 in the morning, was the last day he went to the Northern Cemetery. Through the security cameras, the victim’s car – which Nano appropriated – was seen at the door of the place.

The car was seized from Nano and the cocker spaniel dog from his ex-girlfriend. Justice charged him with a crime of homicide and theft. He will be held in custody for 180 days while he continues the investigation.

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