isStraw | Is Red Vital providing free medicines for different treatments?

It is not true that, in July 2023, Red Vital is delivering free of charge five medicines identified in a flyer that circulates on WhatsApp. It is a donation day that ended about two months ago, the pharmaceutical company clarified, therefore, it is a hoax

Text: Ligia Perdomo

A request came to to verify if the Red Vital pharmacy chain is offering the following medications free of charge, nationwide: Olanzapine, Sertraline, Clomiphene, Pregaballina and Pemetrexed, as seen in an image that runs through WhatsApp. It is a hoax.

isStraw | Is Red Vital providing free medicines for different treatments?

It is enough to present the medical prescription for Red Vital, a network of pharmacies that opened its doors in 2021, to deliver free treatment to those who go to any of its branches nationwide.

The flyer uses the logo of the pharmaceutical company, so, from the outset, there should be no doubt about what is stated there, since Red Vital organizes drug donation days.

EsPaja reviewed Red Vital’s social networks to validate the information, but found no publications in which a free delivery of the five medicines mentioned in the image was notified. The post was uploaded on Twitter by the user Camila579 on July 12, 2023, and retweeted by other users of the blue bird network.

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To find out if the information was true, EsPaja contacted Red Vital through the service telephone number provided on its Twitter and Instagram accounts and the operator reported that the donation was no longer available, but could not specify how long it was in force or when it ended. For this reason, we wrote to the live chat that the company provides from its website and they replied that the donation had ended about two months ago.

isStraw | Is Red Vital providing free medicines for different treatments?

Although the image with the information that runs through WhatsApp (verification object) is not available on Red Vital’s Twitter timeline, the donation day did exist, but two months ago, confirmed customer service operators by telephone and through live chat on their website.

Therefore, the information that runs through the popular instant messaging is misleading, because it circulates shortly after it has finished.

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