Israel kicks Brazil out of the U-20 World Cup!

Israel kicks Brazil out of the U-20 World Cup!

The selection of Israel qualified for the first time to the semifinals of the Sub 20 world after beating this Saturday 3-2 against the Brazil with a goal from Dor Turgeman in the elongation time. The number 9 sealed the victory for the Whites and Blues, who twice overcame an adverse result and wasted two penalties.

In the first part, the champion of the South American Championship he was dominated by a rival who surprised him. Israel took refuge very well in the background when Brazil attacked him, pressed when his rival tried to come out playing from the bottom and took advantage of every set piece he had in his favor to put the goalkeeper on alert kaique.

On 25 minutes, a cross from Anan Khalaili that he almost couldn’t deflect The Yam Kancepolsky He was close to transforming in the first goal. Brazil He responded immediately with a great play by the attacker sávio that the goalkeeper Tomer Zarfati cleared with an impressive response after a shot from marquinhos. These were the most dangerous plays of a match that saved the best for last.

ramon menezes He did not risk and before the start of the last 45 minutes he took out Guilherme Biro, who this time left the lead to play as a winger in the left sector and saw the yellow card.

Israel again dominated the first few minutes but it was Brazil who quickly struck. Matheus Martins enabled the scorer Marcos Leonardo and he left goalkeeper Zarfati without options with an impressive shot into the corner.

They ran 56 minutes and the South Americans went 0-1 up with the fifth goal in the contest of the attacker who emerged from the Santos quarry, the one from which they came Pelé, Neymar, Robinho and Rodrygo.

Israel did not take long to tie the game. An impressive header from Khalaili after a great cross from Kancepolsky he sealed the equalizer after 60 minutes. The match ended tied 1-1 and the World Cup had its first extra time.

Barely 30 seconds had passed from the start when Andrey Santos enabled Matheus Nascimento and he once again put Brazil ahead with a shot against the post that made it 1-2.

Israel went on the attack and repeated history. at 93 minutes Hamza Shibli he pushed the ball after a low cross from Ilay Feingold that no one could clear and again leveled the game. And when some thought about the penalty shootout, Dor Turgeman He showed that he did not agree with that idea and Israel sealed the victory with a great goal. The number 9 took the ball inside the area, scattered two markers and scored at 107.

Israel had everything to settle the game but missed two incredible options. At 114 minutes the referee called a penalty by the hand of Jean Pedroso and Kaique stopped the shot from eleven meters from Ilai Madmoun.

When stopping the maximum penalty, the goalkeeper committed a foul against the attacker who went to look for the rebound and Juan Gabriel Calderón sanctioned a new penalty. This time he took care Ahmed Ibrahim and his shot went outside.

However, Brazil couldn’t do anything anymore and the vice-champion of the last European made history by getting among the best four of the tournament in the first Sub 20 world of his story.

Israel: Tomer Zarfati; Ilay Feingold, Stav Lemkin, Or Israelov, Roy Revivo; Ilai Madmoun, El Yam Kancepolsky (m.85, Rony Navi); Anan Khalaili (m.76, Omer Senior), Tay Abed (m.85, Ahmad Ibrahim), Ariel Lugassy (m.46, Hamza Shibli) (m.121, Shon Edri) and Dor Turgeman (m.106, Ran Bimyamin ).

Brazil: Kaique; Andre Dhominique (m.96, Kevin), Jean Pedroso, Douglas Mendes, Guilherme Biro (m.46, Ronald); Marlos Gomes, Andrey Santos, Marquinhos; Sávio (m.72, Giovani), Marcos Leonardo (m.76, Matheus Nascimento) and Matheus Martins (m.72, Giovane).

Goals: 0-1: m.56, Marcos Leonardo. 1-1: m.59, Anan Khalaili. 1-2: m.91, Matheus Nascimento. 2-2: m.93, Hamza Shibli. 3-2: m.107, Dor Turgeman.

Referee: Costa Rican Juan Gabriel Calderón. He admonished Guilherme Biro, Giovane, Matheus Nascimento, Jean Pedroso, Hamza Shibli and Shon Edri.

Match corresponding to the quarterfinals of the U-20 World Cup, played at the Bicentenario stadium in San Juan (Argentina).

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