ISP issues alert for ‘out of normal’ pH levels in lice medication

The Chilean Institute of Public Health (ISP) issued an alert for Launol Lotion, a medicine used to eliminate lice, due to the fact that pH levels outside of normal specifications were recorded.

After a shelf stability study by Laboratorio Chile, who manufacture the pediculicide and scabicide, the manufacturer released the results and the ISP took the measure.

“There is a moderate risk of unwanted effects, such as irritation and burning of the skin; considering that it is a medication that is used in the pediatric population, on previously affected skin and is sold directly, so it does not require medical supervision. It is worth It should be noted that this measure affects all the lots currently in force”, they indicate in the agency’s official letter.

In addition, they emphasized that the alert does not cover Launol Shampoo, only the lotion that is topical.

ISP issues alert for 'out of normal' pH levels in lice medication

Credits: Pharmatotal

All units of Launol Lotion will be discontinued until further notice, so the ISP encouraged the use of drugs with active ingredients such as permethrin and sulfur to treat head lice and scabies.

Within the document are the following recommendations for workers in the health area, patients and care centers and pharmacies:

Recommendations health workers:

  • Be attentive to possible inquiries from patients who are already being treated with the affected drug, so that you can advise them on the therapeutic alternatives available.
  • The drug Launol Lotion will not be available on the market until the holder can have new units to be marketed, so he should consider prescribing or recommending to his patients some therapeutic alternative.
  • As long as the supply problem persists, it is recommended that new treatments with this product not be started, since their continuity cannot be guaranteed, so prescribing other medications should be considered.
  • The supply problem information will be updated as soon as possible, to indicate its resolution or persistence.

Patient recommendations:

  • If you are undergoing treatment or keep Launol Lotion at home, refrain from using it and, preferably, dispose of it.
  • In case you need to use a product for pediculosis or scabies, consult the available alternatives with the pharmaceutical chemist.

Recommendations healthcare centers and pharmacies:

  • Each establishment must check if they have stocks of Launol Lotion, segregate them to be removed and return them to the laboratory through the usual channels.
  • It is not allowed to distribute or dispense Launol Lotion corresponding to the affected batches (all those currently available on the market).
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