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Isaac&Nora, the French boys who excite with songs in Spanish

Isaac&Nora, the French boys who excite with songs in Spanish

March 22, 2023, 4:20 AM

March 22, 2023, 4:20 AM

It all started naturally, very simply, in the environment of a family that loves music. Today it is a phenomenon that grows day by day on social networks and around the world. Isaac&Nora They are the French brothers, aged 14 and 11, who have become very popular thanks to the versions of Latin American songs from different eras that they interpret and which they have made known in several videos that have reached audiences everywhere. Only with his interpretation of the theme Twenty years (a classic of Cuban music) have registered more than 6.5 million reproductions.

As part of a tour that they have been giving through various countries on the continent, from Brazil and Argentina to Chile and Uruguay, Isaac and Nora will be presented today, from 7:00 p.m., at the Eagles Theater (Avenida Beni, between the fifth and sixth rings), in a concert presented by the Alliance Française, as part of its activities for the Francophonie Month. The duo will also perform on Saturday in La Paz.

Next to them will be their father, Nicolás Restoin, largely responsible of fostering a love of music in his children, just like his wife, Catherine. The boys live with their parents in a small house in Quimper, in the south of Brittany (a region located in the northwest of France). He, of Korean origin, and she French, have managed to guide their children along the path of art and today they accompany them to all their presentations and are part of the decisions that are made about the repertoire of songs or about the styles they interpret.

“My wife is a very strong source of inspiration in the repertoire, she is also the first critic,” says Nicolás. “If we hear something that moves us for the first time, we decide to try it,” adds Catherine.

This is how the children, from a very young age, were nourished by music from all eras. They started doing jazz and in recent years they leaned towards Latin. “Why not? Latin American music is liked all over the world,” says Nicolás, who accompanies his children on the guitar, ukulele or any other instrument, depending on what is required according to the song.

Isaac, for his part, bowed for the trumpet (accompanies the melody and makes his own arrangements with the instrument). Nora is the voice with it he has conquered all the people and every day he gains new fans. The first of her, without a doubt, were her parents, since she heard her sing a popular Jewish song at the age of three.

“I am quite demanding with the tuning; for the moment, I do not demand more in terms of technique. Nora is a girl and she sings like one, I can’t ask her to sing like an adult. She is doing very well like this, ”explains Nicolás.

In 2021 they released their first album, Latin & Love Studies11 pieces of Latin American music, are now preparing an album with their own compositions.

In Rio de Janeiro they recorded the video of the taquirari Cunumicita, by Gilberto Rojas, which will be included in today’s concert.

Isaac is attracted to old music and rock, while Nora admires the South Korean group BTS and the British Harry Styles.

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