Is the way paved for Orsi's presidential candidacy?

Is the way paved for Orsi’s presidential candidacy?

Photo: Archive / Presidency of the Republic
Photo: Archive / Presidency of the Republic

The National Directorate of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP) approved this weekend the guidelines to follow to renew its authorities in a schedule of activities of several months.

The sector headed by José Mujica and Lucía Topolansky, among other important left-wing political figures, will begin its calendar in September with the so-called “artiguista stoves” and will possibly end in March of next year with a new document.

First, they will debate the main problems of the country, both economically and socially and politically, and will invite national and international experts, as well as social organizations and business chambers.

“We want to listen to different personalities, both national and foreign, about the main problems that our country is going through today,” he told Underlined Senator Daniel Caggiani, who understands that the country “is having a viability problem from an economic, social and political point of view.”

Preparing everything for Orsi

The MPP prepares the ground to resonate the name of the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, as a presidential candidate for the Broad Front with a view to the next elections in 2024.

“Without a doubt, Yamandú is one of the candidates, one of the people that the Broad Front has to contribute by 2024, but for now it is very ‘green’ to still manage names,” said Caggiani.

According to a recent survey of Consultants Option87% of the Frente Amplio supporters value Orsi positively, while 50% of those from the multicolored coalition see him favorably.

Of a sample of 400 people living in the Canarian department, 62% approve of his management: 20% of those surveyed believe that his management is very good and 42% that it is good. Meanwhile, 27% responded that it is neither good nor bad and 8% considered it to be bad or very bad.

In March 2021, Orsi reached its highest approval rating with 79% support from those surveyed.

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