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Is the Biden administration dumb or done?

In recent weeks, the controversy in the world of pointing out which nations are democratic and those that are not, for them to attend the IX Summit of the Americas in the United States (City of Angels), for some Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela countries that are governed by drug tyrants or dictators with family clans that do not respect the minimum democratic principles, nor the rule of law and much less the human rights of the citizens of said countries. What has been described above, apparently for some leaders with an authoritarian profile who preside over nations that still enjoy democracy in its various forms, is not perceived by Argentina, Chile and Mexico, among them, who pressure the Biden government to invite them, threatening not to attend ( Mexico, Honduras and Bolivia) and others (Argentina) to propose another CELAM summit in the same place with the uninvited countries, to sabotage the summits of the Americas necessary to visualize a whole America from its contextualized realities; emphasizing that although some do not like to be integrated with the first world power, the United States with its virtues and defects has the resources and the power to promote the integration of all of America.

The aforementioned can be read from several perspectives, the first of which is to believe that the countries aligned with Cuba at the head were not going to try to attend knowing that they would not be invited and would sabotage by all means, it was a beginner’s calculation error the administration of the US president; recalling that Joe Biden has a long political career in the US Congress and was Obama’s vice president for 8 years, that is, he knew firsthand the ways and means that dictatorships proceed with Cuba upside down, ranging from disinformation, verbal and physical violence, blackmail and creating disorder in the continent so that the unity of all America is uphill.

The above expressed would be a miscalculation that can happen to the most experienced in an area of ​​knowledge, however, another perspective is that the US does not invite them because they are dictatorships, it expected that the authoritarian allies would respond as they did for the necessary controversy leaving the war between Ukraine and Russia in the background; Above all, to distract from the fact that the first world power, the USA, is sending, together with the United Kingdom, war material of greater scope and technology that could be another hard blow for Russia, perhaps Russia’s allies in Latin America are following the game of the USA and not to Putin’s Russia, in the end these summits leave much to be desired but are necessary for some to come clean about their forms of government and possible allies in the world.

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