Is defrosting the fridge still done?  Which has benefits?

Is defrosting the fridge still done? Which has benefits?

Perhaps those who are over 30 years old today keep in their memories that cleaning days in Colombia, better known as ‘do trade’, One of his chores was defrosting the fridge, because the technology was not very advanced and to be able to make a good cleaning of refrigeratorsit was necessary for the refrigerator to stop working for a few hours.

Currently, thanks to the advancement of technology, doing this is no longer so necessary, since the layers of ice that form are almost imperceptible in new household appliances, added to the fact that they are energy-saving, which has put this practice aside. and that your cleaning much easier to do.

However, those who still have refrigerators that require a more exhaustive cleaning or those who seek to have more friendly practices with the planet, can follow some steps to take care of their refrigerators and Carry out an adequate process when putting them to defrost.

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How to defrost the fridge?

Although it seems to be an easy process, certain steps must be taken into account to preserve food, take care of the appliance and not affect its energy. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure that when cleaning you do not have many foods that require refrigeration, especially dairy products, since the process requires a little time.

  2. Unplug the fridge.

  3. Put rags or absorbent paper around the refrigerator to prevent water spills.

  4. Remove food from the appliance and from the freezer.

  5. Remove drawers and shelves. In case they are stuck, wait for the fridge to thaw and do not force them.

  6. When there are no more ice sheets, proceed to clean the interior of the refrigerator.

  1. Plug the appliance back in and put the food away.

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