IRPF: when is the refund collected if the statement gives a balance in favour?

Taxpayers who have to file a return forms are available affidavit online with the information loaded from the work activity carried out in 2022.

In case of having a balance in favor, the taxpayer may choose to have the DGI deposit the balance in his bank account or charge in the authorized collection networks.

The date from which the returns will begin to be credited will be known in the next few days after they are authorized by the DGI.

As usual, that will begin in the second half of July, since it is processed between two and three weeks after completing the sworn statement by the taxpayer.

In all cases, the cell phone registered by the taxpayer will be informed by SMS if the refund is available for collection or if there are observations arising from the controls.

Once the declaration has been submitted, the status of the return can be consulted by entering the return query at Online Services/Returns, or through whatsapp to 098134400.

Pending payments

For their part, in the case of taxpayers who, after submitting the declaration, have payments to settle, they may do so in up to five equal installments with monthly due dates on August 29, September 29, October 30, November 29 and December 29. December 2023. Payment can be made electronically via the internet or in the authorized collection networks.

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