Emtrasur plane case in Argentina: kidnapping or justified action?

Iran calls for the release of the Venezuelan plane detained in Argentina

The Government of Iran, through its Foreign Ministry, urged Argentina on Monday to release the plane with Venezuelan registration, held for two months at the airport in the capital, Buenos Aires, as well as its citizens, part of the crew.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Naser Kanani, declared that “the important thing for us is the situation of the five Iranian compatriots” and confirmed the existence of political negotiations in Tehran and between the Persian embassy and the Argentine authorities.

According to the spokesman, “there has not yet been an acceptable development” (for Iran) in the situation unleashed since June, for which “the Islamic Republic of Iran will not cease to exercise the consular rights of its citizens and demand his release”.

Kanani said, in that direction, that these issues “are on the agenda of our current affairs in the political, consular and legal spheres, although the plane belongs to Venezuela and its property is in the hands of this country.”

This is the second time that, in a public way, the spokespersons of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke on the issue of the plane seized in Buenos Aires.

Last July, the Iranian Foreign Ministry expressed what it then called its strong protest against the restrictions imposed by Argentina on the Persian crew of the Venezuelan Boeing 747-300 aircraft.

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