IQAir map places Santiago as the seventh most polluted city in the world

Swiss air quality technology company IQAir has published a map ranking the most polluted cities. In seventh place is the capital of our country, Santiago, which presents an Air Quality Index (ICA USA) of 173.

He interactive map shows that Santiago is only surpassed by Kabul in Afghanistan, Delhi in India, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Bombay in India, Lahore in Pakistan and Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, the latter with first place and 196 points.

In the morning hours, Santiago was in fourth place and, as the hours passed, he was in seventh.

According to the meteorologist Gianfranco Marcone, “it is necessary to emphasize and it is necessary to make the difference that this is the world norm. We in Chile have another standard, a different level of measurement, that is why one can say we are in fourth place (now seventh) and Santiago has irregular air quality, it does not suit you ”, according to him. T13.

“But of course, we are talking about different norm levels. If you look –on the map– at the small circle in Santiago, it marks in a redder color. We are, according to the national norm, in yellow (…) I would say that the international norm is more demanding, ”she added.

The measurement “is the average of the last 24 hours (in the national measurement). Therefore, we are not effectively seeing the issue in real time,” explained emergency management consultant Michel De L’Herbe.

IQAir map places Santiago as the seventh most polluted city in the world

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