IPSA cancels Cargill's sanitary registration for shrimp

IPSA cancels Cargill’s sanitary registration for shrimp

The Cargill company informed its clients that the Institute for Agricultural Protection and Health (IPSA) of Nicaragua canceled its sanitary registrations for shrimp feed and suspended their authorization to produce medicated and non-medicated shrimp feed in the plant they operate in the country.

According to the food company, the suspension of the Nicaraguan entity is “until the total line separation is executed.” In a statement sent to its clients dated January 27 of this year.

Cargill affirmed in a communication to its clients that during their operations they have complied with quality standards in the purchase of their ingredients and in the manufacture of their products.

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“Cargill has worked for more than 15 years in the production of aquaculture feed, complying with high quality standards for the management of ingredient purchases and the preparation of balanced feed,” says the company.

The North American company assures that in the aquaculture segment they have complied for 10 years with international certifications such as Global Gap and BAP; providing direct support to its clients for the safe production of shrimp.

«We strengthen our commitment to aquaculture and to the country. We are looking for the best alternatives in the short term to solve this issue with the corresponding authorities », he highlights.

The purpose of the IPSA is to facilitate, regulate, regulate, and implement sanitary and phytosanitary policies and actions that entail or derive from the planning, regulation, and coordination of national activities related to guaranteeing, maintaining, and strengthening agricultural, aquaculture, fishing, and forestry, according to article two of Law No. 862, Law creating the IPSA.

Cargill is a private multinational corporation of American origin. It is dedicated to agribusiness and its headquarters are in Minnesota.

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