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IPS advisers cost G. 2,567 million a year to the insured

Despite the salaries they receive to represent all the productive sectors of the country, the members of the IPS Administration Council seem non-existent due to the series of irregularities and neglect of the needs of the contributors.

By Santiago Rodriguez

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There are several hardships that both patients and relatives of those insured by the Social Security Institute must go through, where the constant is the lack of medicines and hospital supplies, whether basic or essential, forcing patients to acquire them on their own. media.

Thus, recently the director of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Julio Rolón, pointed out that he receives between 5 and 10 patients a day at his institution with prescriptions from the IPS who go to said hospital to withdraw missing medications from the pension plan. Regarding these medicines, the president of the Board of Directors of the Social Security Institute (IPS), Vicente Bataglia, referred during his questioning in Congress that the missing medicines had already been requested at the time through tenders that are delayed, blaming this on supplier companies.

However, the forecast that these medicines will not run out is one of the responsibilities of the IPS Board of Directors, in addition to the provision of professionals according to needs.

However, an extensive investigation is not necessary to verify the laziness in the operation of the pension system. From getting a schedule to consulting a doctor, it implies a martyrdom, a viacrucis, not to mention the shortcomings in terms of health supplies such as medicines.

Those who live well are the authorities, millionaire salaries, bonuses at the expense of humble insured who are not compensated in their contributions the sad reality that the pension drags, with a strong crisis in recent months they speak of a deficit management of the directive of the IPS, and the 6 members of the Board of Directors, chaired by Dr. Vicente Bataglia, cost G. 2,567,500,000 to the insured, according to the transparency list. (See infographic).

Salary records show that the IPS spends about G. 197,500,000 a month on salaries, bonuses and other income from the Board of Directors, a management group that at least in this government supports an administration that leaves much to be desired.

However, while these fortunes reach the pockets of the counselors without fail, patients like Alberto Aguiar continue to suffer from the lack of management in the hospital. Mr. Aguiar was the victim of an alleged new case of malpractice within the IPS, where he was admitted to be treated for a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and ended up with a “rotten foot” due to an alleged infection contracted in the pension, according to his relatives to the media. Another demonstration of the Council’s lack of management are the constant complaints from policyholders who must spend months waiting to collect their retirement pensions.

The other scandals due to alleged malpractice cannot be forgotten either. The unfortunate case that occurred with Mr. Samudio who had two legs amputated in an improvised manner, the tenders with mau cleaners that generated millionaire losses for the institution, are part of the depressing legacy of the current pension council.

The only thing that sustains Bataglia and this council is the armoring of President Mario Abdo, who seems to live in a bubble and ignores the disaster in the IPS.

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