Industrial production drops 2.4% in January

Ipea: demand for industrial goods rises 0.9% from March to April

The Apparent Consumption of Industrial Goods Indicator, released today (27) by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea), recorded a rise of 0.9% in April this year, in comparison with the previous month. Among the components of apparent consumption, domestic production destined for the domestic market, called domestic goods, grew by 0.2%, while imports of industrial goods grew by 3.3% in the same month.Ipea: demand for industrial goods rises 0.9% from March to April

“In the moving quarter, the indicator advanced 0.2% at the margin, with a drop of 0.3% in the production of national goods and a reduction of 0.4% in imports of industrial goods”, indicates the research, prepared by Leonardo Mello de Carvalho, Planning and Research technician at the Institute’s Directorate of Macroeconomic Studies and Policies (Dimac).

In comparison with April last year, domestic demand for industrial goods fell by 3.7%. As a result, the moving quarter registered a drop of 5% compared to the same period in 2021. In the 12-month period ending in April, domestic demand grew 1.7% and imports of industrial goods advanced 18.7%, while industrial production, measured by the Monthly Industrial Survey of Physical Production (PIM-PF), of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), accumulated a drop of 0.3%.

major categories

According to Ipea, in the major economic categories, growth in April was widespread. With the exception of the demand for capital goods, which dropped 3.3% at the margin, all other segments grew, highlighting durable and semi and non-durable consumer goods, which rose 3.5% and 1.2% over March, respectively. The moving quarter ended in April had a heterogeneous performance, with an emphasis on demand for semi and non-durable consumer goods (up 2.1%), Carvalho pointed out.

With regard to production classes, domestic demand for goods from the manufacturing industry increased by 0.9% in April over March. The mining and quarrying industry fell 1.6% at the margin and 8.2% in the moving quarter. In the twelve-month period, mining and quarrying increased by 19.6%.

The sectorial analysis reveals that 15 of the 22 segments had positive variation. The best results were observed in the electrical appliances and oil and derivatives segments, with increases of 13.4% and 5.7% at the margin, respectively. In relation to the mobile quarter, 14 segments showed growth in the seasonally adjusted comparison, highlighting the apparent consumption of other transport equipment (up 9.1%).

In the interannual comparison, eight segments showed growth in April compared to the same month of 2021. The chemical segment was the highlight, with a high of 12.6%. In relation to the result accumulated in 12 months, 13 segments registered an increase, highlighting pharmochemicals, other transport equipment and machinery and equipment, with expansion of 13%, 11.9% and 8.1%, respectively.

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