Investigate case of alleged settling of accounts in Cobija

Investigate case of alleged settling of accounts in Cobija

December 9, 2022, 4:15 PM

December 9, 2022, 4:15 PM

They investigate an alleged case of execution in Cobija, Pando. The victims would be two people, one 57 and another 16 years old, both male. The Public Ministry has several hypotheses about the fact of blood.

It was speculated that both would be Brazilian, but the first data from the investigation revealed that the two citizens are of Bolivian nationality, from the Santa Rosa de Laguna municipality and they would have been killed with at least ten shots from a firearm.

According to the researchers, It is not ruled out that it is a case of execution for drug trafficking issues.

According to the report of some local media, the bodies were found in a wooden house, in the Cambacolla neighborhood, in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Laguna in the afternoon, on December 4, but the bodies arrived at the Cobija morgue the next day.

In the place where the bodies were found there was another person, in a drunken state, but his account is still unknown.

Investigators in the case are still working to gather more details about this blood event.

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