Invasion of Ukraine: what is known about the Colombian arrested in Russia

Invasion of Ukraine: what is known about the Colombian arrested in Russia

The Russian Instruction Committee opened, this Friday, April 15, 2022, a criminal case against the Colombian citizen Alberto Enrique Giraldo Saray accused of spreading “fake news” on russian Military Campaign In Ukraine, charge for which he could be sentenced to up to ten years in prison.

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An indictment has been filed against him for the crime provided for in article 207.3 of the Russian Criminal Code (dissemination of false information about the actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation“, reported the entity on its website.

According to the Instruction Committee, “it was established that between March 8 and 18, 2022, Giraldo Saray, in prior agreement with people who directed him from abroad, was in charge of the technical preparation and the hidden location of mobile devices in a Moscow shopping center“.

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By means of these, a massive sending by remote control of messages was carried out with false information about the actions of the Armed Forces in Ukraine, including alleged murders of civilians.“, added the entity.

Russian authorities indicated that they aborted these criminal activities and carried out a registration in the Colombian’s home.

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Objects and documents were seized as evidence. During the inspection of the shopping center, six hidden mobile phones with external power sources were found, which guaranteed the massive sending of SMS messages. The work of the devices was blocked“added the Russian Instruction Committee.

Giraldo Saray, who He has lived in that country for several years. was sentenced on April 11 to almost two months of pre-trial detention at the request of the Attorney General’s Office, which rejected the defense appeal requesting a less severe precautionary measure, which could include house arrest.

As confirmed to the agency EFE the Consulate of Colombia in Moscow,The Embassy was notified by the Instruction Committee of the Russian Federation about the arrest, on April 10, 2022, of the Colombian citizen Alberto Enrique Giraldo Saray“.

The diplomatic mission added that the detainee “is a resident of Russia, where he has lived for several years, knows the Russian language perfectly and was represented at the hearing by a lawyer appointed by himself“.

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The Consular Section of the Embassy assured to continue “with attention to the development of the process, providing the consular assistance that is required“.

If his guilt is proven, Giraldo Saray could be fined with between 3 and 5 million rubles (about 40,000 to 67,000 dollars) or sentenced to five years in prison. compulsory social work or a prison sentence of between 5 and 10 years.


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