Inumet warns of a possible cyclone on the east coast of Uruguay

Uruguayan Institute of Meteorology (Inumet) warned of the possibility of a cyclone forming over the east coast of Uruguay next Tuesday.

“Inumet reports the development of an extratropical cyclone with possible subtropical transition, which will affect Uruguay and southern Brazil on Tuesday 17. Raoni, on June 30, 2021 was the last reported cyclone with these characteristics (subtropical) in Uruguay,” the institute said on its Twitter account.

“Numerical prediction models are projecting toward the tuesday may 17 the formation of a extratropical cyclonewhich in this case will have an atypical behavior for our latitudes, migrating into a subtropical cyclone“, indicates on its website.

It also explains what subtropical cyclones are. “They are low pressure systems that are governed by both tropical and extratropical processes. The main difference that exists with the extratropical (the most common in our region) is that at high levels of the atmosphere its structure is cold, while at lower levels of the atmosphere it is warmer.due to the latent heat released by the convection zone (storm zones associated with the system)”.

The closest antecedent was the subtropical cyclone called Raoni, that “affected our Atlantic coast with very intense winds and strong waves,” recalls Inumet. It was “one of the first of its kind (subtropical) in Uruguay in recent years,” she adds.

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