Interprovincial transport companies lose S/ 50 million daily due to road blockades

Interprovincial transport companies lose S/ 50 million daily due to road blockades

The stoppages, demonstrations and roadblocks in our country have caused economic damage in different areas. Such is the case of interprovincial transport companies that lose S/ 50 million a day from the sale of tickets and parcel services, indicated the Association of Interprovincial.

Martín Ojeda, general manager of the association, pointed out that around 700 companies with routes nationwide and 300 with regional routes have their vehicles paralyzed.

Just so you can see the damage that the situation is causing, the 30% of the income of an interprovincial transport company is parcels and in terms of passengers we are calculating daily losses of S/ 40 to S/ 50 million, taking into account all companies, only in tickets”, he maintained in Latin America.

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He added that most companies are not going anywhere in the country, because the situation is dangerous and affects security.

On the other hand, Ojeda asked the government for prepared people to take command of the situation and reach a solution.

This situation is one of total uncertainty, and we ask the Executive for something very important, that technical and operational people be in the government“, accurate.

It should be noted that according to the latest report from the Peruvian National Police (PNP) there are more than 60 roads without traffic due to the blockades carried out by protesters in various parts of the country. However, the situation in Andahuaylas, Bagua, Chala, Cusco and Ica, is more critical regarding the fluidity of transport.


The rise in prices of the products of the basic family basket has led the Executive Branch to announce an economic subsidy.

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