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Interpellation request seeks to question management, says Gloria Reyes

Santo Domingo.- The director of the Supérate program, Gloria Reyes, maintained that the request for interpellation against her, by several legislators of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), seeks to question her management at the head of the program.

According Kingsthe attempt to challenge her, at the request of the PLD senator, Yván Lorenzo, seeks to distort the “truth” and take a political edge on the alleged millionaire fraud with the program’s cards.

Lorenzo, who presents the Elías Piña province, in the Senate, rejected the operation that the Public Ministry would have carried out, and the jurisdiction in which the merchants involved in the alleged fraud were known to have been coerced.

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After sending a letter to the presidents of the Senate, and of the Chamber of Deputies, respectively, Eduardo Estrella and Alfredo Pacheco, Reyes, would have stated that there is no legitimate support in relation to Senator Lorenzo’s request.

In his opinion, he understands that what is being plotted against him is a media campaign with the sole purpose of questioning his management.

“I want to clarify that Dominicans are not going to be diverted and disoriented with infamy, much less tarnish innovation regarding the vision that the current government has of eradicating poverty,” said Reyes.

The official said that she is willing to go to any public and democratic meeting, in which she will defend her dignity, and also that of the party, to demonstrate clearly, and with evidence, the lies against her.

In addition, Reyes stated that he will not allow more than 1,650,000 poor families to be affected, trying to disrupt the Supérate program, raising false slander.

The data

The frauds committed against the people who are beneficiaries, with government social assistance programs, through card duplication, through the use, without authorization of identity card, are around 300 million pesos, according to authorities.

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