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Internal Policy Commission of the AN will investigate the mayor Paraqueima

The president of the Domestic Policy Commission of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Diosdado Cabello, announced that an in-depth investigation will be launched after the offensive expressions used by the mayor of El Tigre, Ernesto Paraqueima, against people with autism spectrum and asperger .

“In my capacity as president of the internal policy commission, we are going to start an in-depth investigation to see where this ends, everything in life has its limits,” the parliamentarian reported during his program Con el Mazo Dando, where he described it as “miserable.” and “coward” to the Anzoatiguense mayor.

Ernesto Paraqueima criticized a mural painted on the façade of the Casa Hogar Nuestra Señora de Coromoto, located on Francisco de Miranda avenue in the eastern city.

“Who painted that so hideous? They tell me that it was the Asperger children. What did they paint it with, with the legs? What a horrible, horrible thing (…) Who came up with that? They take that away from me, and when they go to paint something they have to go through Municipal Engineering and say what they are going to paint”, were the words of Paraqueima, arousing criticism and requests for legal action on social networks.

“That man is crazy (…). These days he messed with women, but women know how to defend themselves and they gave him a romp and he kept quiet, but when you mess with a young man on the autism spectrum you’re messing with someone who can’t possibly defend themselves, that’s cowards, miserable,” he said.

enforce the law

He recalled that on March 28 of this year, the AN approved the Comprehensive Care Law for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder, for which reason he insisted on the need to evaluate the crimes that this mayor could have incurred within the framework of this legal instrument.

“We will review and act how we have to act. People with autism spectrum have someone to defend them and this Government and this Revolution will use all the mechanisms we have to defend them”, he emphasized.

He considered that “someone messes with a person with an autism spectrum, or any other condition or disability, they lose a good part of their humanity.”

“… these compañeros and compañeras are better than us for a while if it comes to their conditions, some have abilities that we will never reach even by studying, very special conditions, and it’s not just them, it’s all of them and the State is obliged to protect them,” sentenced.

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