Internal investigation ordered after hospitalization of six applicants to the Aeronaval

The National Air-Naval Service issued a statement explaining the current situation of six young people who were hospitalized after starting the course for air-naval agents.

They highlighted that last Saturday, June 17, 581 young people began the course for air-naval agents at the Instituto Superior Aeronaval at the Almirante Cristóbal Colón Naval Base, located in Sherman, Colón province, six of these young people presented some physical discomfort typical of routine exercise daily.

They pointed out that during the first days after their admission, young people must adapt to a new study routine and physical preparation, which requires an effort to complete their air-naval agent course.

“We can report that six of these young people presented some physical discomfort typical of the daily exercise routine, which led us to provide them with medical assistance, initially at the Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital, to later coordinate their care in 3 specialized private hospital centers.”

They stressed that as the responsible institution they ordered an internal investigation, and pointed out that these six young people are still hospitalized; however under different conditions. The first is under medical observation, receiving specialized treatment and evolving positively.

Three others are stable and conscious, the last two are awaiting medical evaluation (laboratory tests) to be discharged.

The National Aeronaval Service assured that it maintains its commitment to provide quality education and excellent physical preparation to young people who wish to belong to the institution, with the objective that tomorrow they meet the demands and requirements that the country needs of a uniformed .

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