Internal elections of Cambio Democrático are canceled in areas where there were irregularities

After the Cambio Democrático party’s internal election process took place this Sunday with alleged irregularities, the Party’s National Commission for Internal Elections decided to annul the voting in the areas where the complaints were reported.

In a note sent to the national director of Electoral Organization, Osman Valdés, the Commission assured that it views with “great concern the events that have been taking place from the moment the polling stations were installed until they opened at 7:00 am; that in some places it did not occur at that time.

They added that there were voting centers that had not opened at 11:45 in the morning, as happened in the villages of Villa Rosario, Cacao, and Camarón Arriba.

They stated that there were corregimientos where candidates were not placed on the ballots, such as in the Chilibre corregimiento, the Villa Rosario corregimiento, the Caimitillo corregimiento, in the 24 de Diciembre corregimiento, in the San Martin corregimiento in Las Palmas of Veraguas, and in the corregimiento of Camarón Arriba in Besigo.

Therefore, the National Commission for Internal Elections has decided to completely annul the elections in the districts of Cacao, Villa Rosario, and Camarón Arriba. 2. Cancel the conventional elections in the corregimientos of Chilibre, Caimitillo, 24 de Diciembre and San Martin in Las Palmas de Veraguas”, they specified.

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