Interior wants to add 2,000 video surveillance cameras in Montevideo

The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, participated on the night of this Thursday 22 in a meeting with residents of the Peñarol neighborhood and there he announced the intention of the ministry to increase by 50% the number of video surveillance cameras that the neighborhood has. department of Montevideo.

“Montevideo has 4,000 cameras, and our aspiration is to provide 2,000 more, especially in these areas, which were not initially installed because they were vandalized a lot,” Heber said at a press conference.

In that sense, he explained that “now there are anti-vandalism systems that protect” the facilities and infrastructure that the ministry has every time it installs a camera that becomes part of the network monitored by the Directorate of Video Surveillance, Analytics and Urban Survey (Divaru). ).

“Our aspiration is that there may be more cameras in the northern area of ​​Montevideo, we are going to work on this management to give more eyes to the ministry in this area,” Heber advanced.

To get an idea of ​​the investment that this step would require, it is worth remembering that in June of this year the Canelones Municipal Government announced that 1,800 video surveillance cameras would be installed, with its own monitoring center and also mobile cameras, in a joint effort with authorities of the Ministry of Interior. There it was said that the money invested would be around US$ 2 million.

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