Interim representative in Brazil, María Teresa Belandria, announced termination of duties

Interim representative in Brazil, María Teresa Belandria, announced termination of duties

The representative of the interim in Brazil, María Teresa Belandria, notified the Brazilian Government of the cessation of her functions after three years of work. The also university professor was recognized by the outgoing administration of Jair Bolsonaro in June 2019 as Venezuela’s ambassador to the Amazon nation

María Teresa Belandria, who was appointed by the National Assembly in 2015 as representative of the interim government chaired by Juan Guaidó before Brazil, announced on Tuesday, December 27, the cessation of her functions as a diplomat before the Amazon nation.

The letter, dated December 1, indicates that Belandria is notifying both the Brazilian government – ​​still chaired by Jair Bolsonaro – and the other diplomatic missions that their work ended on Monday, December 26, also thanking the support of the legations of other countries and international organizations accredited in that country that offered him during his tenure.

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In his message posted on the social media, also an internationalist and university professor, said that she was complying with article 43 of the Vienna Convention after notifying Brasilia of the cessation of functions. She said goodbye saying that it had been an honor to have served Venezuela.

Article 43 of the Vienna Convention says that the functions of a diplomatic agent end, mainly, “a. when the sending State notifies the receiving State that the functions of the diplomatic agent have ended; b. when the receiving State informs the sending State that, in accordance with article 9, paragraph 2, it refuses to recognize the diplomatic agent as a member of the mission”.

The notification of María Teresa Belandria to cease her functions as diplomatic representative of the interim government headed by Guaidó before Brazil occurs days before the inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who according to his future foreign minister, Mauro Vieira, will resume relations relations with the administration of Nicolás Maduro and therefore, will ignore the structure promoted by the National Assembly elected in 2015.

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In 2019the government of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil recognized María Teresa Belandria as ambassador of Venezuela after receiving the credentials that accredited her as such.

Belandria had been appointed by the AN as ambassador to Brazil since February 2019but due to situations related to the Planalto protocol, he had not presented his credentials.

Similarly, the departure of Belandria occurs before the imminent disappearance of the interim government chaired by Juan Guaido, after the parties of the so-called G3 (Acción Democrática, Primero Justicia and Un Nuevo Tiempo) they will take and ratify the decision not to support the extension of the interim on the grounds that it did not meet the objectives set.

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