Interest in the vaccine increases due to the imminent arrival of the fifth wave

Interest in the vaccine increases due to the imminent arrival of the fifth wave

The presence of the BA2 subvariant of omicron in the country has again promoted mass vaccination against covid-19. Citizens’ interest in accessing the dose increased with the imminent arrival of a fifth wave.

The report from the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) shows that Santa Cruz doubled the number of doses applied in two days, going from 2,923 to 5,998 between Monday and Tuesday.
The fitting out of strategic points, such as Club 24 in September, located in front of the main square, also Encourage more people to get vaccinated. The center (the last of the 78 to be enabled in the city) is one of the busiest.

Many people, who come to the Santa Cruz center to carry out paperwork or other errands, end up receiving a dose of protection. Something that facilitates access to the roadThe only reason is that from the moment they enter, there are officials who invite people to get immunized and take the time to provide the necessary guidance.

They explain that at this point not only is the anticovid biological available, but also the dose against influenza and against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Also, in the At the entrance door there are signs in front of people that indicate that the only requirement to receive the anticovid immunization is the presentation of a photocopy of the card.

Dr. Mariela Toledo, in charge of vaccination of the centro, highlighted the good response they have had from the population, since per day they are vaccinating an average of 350 people against covid-19 and about 150 against influenza.

Regarding the anticovid vaccine, Toledo highlighted that about 80% of those who arrive seek the third and fourth doses.
Deisy Gonzales is one of them. She was taken yesterday by her niece Rosmery Andrade, who on Tuesday went to the Santa Cruz center with her husband and, while there, both decided to apply the reinforcement.

Dr. Toledo highlighted the importance of the third dose because, in addition to the threat of the fifth wave of covid-19, we are now entering the cold season and during In winter, the body’s defenses go down and we are more exposed to getting sick.

The director of the Headquarters, Erwin Viruez, stated that the goal is to reach a captive population that has not yet been vaccinated, so the campaign will be carried out in health centers de the neighborhoods and in the districts through the first and second level health establishments.

On the other hand, the Municipal Operations and Emergency Committeecipal (COEM) decided to extend biosecurity measures until May 30 to stop the expansioncovid-19 nsion. The mandatory use of the chinstrap in public spaces is maintained.

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