Intendancy of San José and Broad Front evaluate forming Security Table

The mayor of San José, Ana Bentaberri, explores together with the Broad Front to articulate a Security Table in that department, as a measure to face the problem and devise solutions that fall within the municipal powers.

According to the local media San José Now, the idea arose on Friday the 17th after the mayor belonging to the National Party met with the former director of Coexistence and Citizen Security, Gustavo Leal; the president of the Broad Front in San José, Marcela Barrios, and other opposition leaders, while the cycle of meetings “the Broad Front listens to you” was taking place in that department.

The initiative came from the opposition party, which seeks to generate meetings with civil organizations throughout the country.

“We are not in a position to say that everything is fine and that nothing is happening, on the contrary, every day we have situations that worry us,” Bentaberri said this Sunday.

Along these lines, the mayor explained that “is thinking” of forming a Security Table in San José, with the aim of “seeing concretely what we can do” in this matter, he asserted.

In turn, Bentaberri pointed out that he has maintained a dialogue with the Broad Front of San José to coordinate efforts: “We spoke with Marcela Barrios about the possibility of sitting around a table and starting to see what grain of sand we can contribute, as we have worked with others topics,” he deepened.

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