Intelligence report: Putin was treated in April for advanced cancer

Intelligence report: Putin was treated in April for advanced cancer

LThe health of President Vladimir Putin is an issue on which there has been much speculation in recent times, more so now than a classified US report would reveal that Putin appears to have resurfaced after undergoing treatment in April for advanced cancer. So they said to Newsweek three US intelligence leaders who read the reports.

These high-ranking officials, from three separate intelligence agencies, are concerned that Russia’s president is becoming increasingly paranoid about his grip on power, a state influence in the war against Ukraine.

Furthermore, it is said that there was an assassination attempt on the head of the Kremlin in March.

The three officials, one from the office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), another, a senior retired Air Force officer, and another from the Defense Intelligence Agency, warn that the isolation of the Russian leader makes it more difficult for US intelligence to accurately assess his state of health.​​​

“Putin’s control is strong but no longer absolute”says one of the top intelligence officials with direct access to the reports. “The maneuvers inside the Kremlin have never been more intense during his rule, everyone feels that the end is near.”

But the rumors about his state of health are not new. Recently, an oligarch close to the Kremlin claimed that Putin is ‘very sick with blood cancer’. The statement comes from an audio recording that was released in the magazine NewLines.

To them is added his back problems, according to New Lines. The Russian president underwent surgery in October 2021.

Not to mention that to mid-April the president was seen trying to control a tremor in his right hand during a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. He was later seen also pinning his right hand to the edge of a table, which is seen as an attempt to hide the tremors caused by the neurodegenerative disease.

There is also a video in which the president holds a meeting with the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, which also shows what some specialists consider to be the symptom of restless legs, typical of the evolution of Parkinson’s.

One of the sources of Newsweek ensures that Putin is sick or dies is good for the world, not only for the future of Russia or for the end of the war in Ukraine, but for the decrease of the mad man threat of nuclear war.”

“A weakened Putin – a leader obviously in decline, not one at the top of his game – has less influence over advisers and subordinatesLet’s say, if he orders the use of nuclear weapons,” the official maintains.

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