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The National Secretariat of Tourism, represented by the Minister of Tourism, Sofia Montiel de Afara, delivered the Tourism Quality Seals to companies that provide tourism services in the department of Misiones.

The distinctions were delivered within the framework of the implementation of the National Tourism Quality System (SNCT).

For this purpose, the Senatur, in coordination with the Government of Misiones, promoted previous work in the department over several months, such as the socialization and adhesion of companies providing tourist services, in Villa Florida, San Juan, San Miguel , Santiago, San Ignacio, Ayolas, and Yabebyry, whose achievement was the adhesion of 47 tourism companies.

Subsequently, workshops were held to socialize manuals of good practices aimed at non-hotel and gastronomic establishments in first aid, hygienic handling of food (with the cooperation of INAN), awareness of Law 825, by which tourist companies are declared 100% smoke-free of tobacco products in common areas and closed spaces of the establishments. The Sanitary biosafety training was given by Dr. Gustavo Ortiz, from the Ministry of Health.

All activities initially implemented were in accordance with the recommendations of the instruments of the National Tourism Quality System.

Later, compliance with the requirements established in the Quality Manuals, implemented by tourism providers, was evaluated, verifying aspects such as the operational management of the organization; material resources; equipments; facilities and providers; cleaning and maintenance; human Resources; environmental management and safety, management of documentation required by REGISTUR, authorization of establishments by municipalities, reference designs for the heel presentation of the Manual implementation work, among others.

Of the total number of companies with which we worked, only 18 have complied with the process required in the good practice manuals, reaching 80% of the requirements to hold the Tourism Quality Seal.

The benefited companies are; Posada Caacupé / Arazape (San Miguel); Mirasur Inn (San Juan Bautista); Posada Las Tunas (San Juan Bautista); Crucible ice cream parlor (San Juan Bautista); Guyra Raity Inn (Yabebyry); Isla Paraíso Rural Establishment (Ayolas); Restaurant Marimex (Ayolas); Las Piedras Restaurant (Ayolas); Apostle Bar (Santiago); Posada Los Buffalo’s (San Ignacio); Posada Marite (San Ignacio); Posada Las Margaritas (San Ignacio); Parador Piringo (San Ignacio); Posada La Carreta (San Ignacio); Parador del Tourig and Automobile Club Paraguayo (Villa Florida); Parador San Fernando (San Miguel); Delicias Ña Ani Restaurant (San Juan Bautista); and La Victoria Typical Foods (San Ignacio).

These providers, distinguished with the Tourism Quality Seal, apply quality standards aimed at visitors, thus positioning their establishments as a quality destination. The distinctions will rank tourist services in the Department of Misiones, and in turn will strengthen tourism management as a Quality Destination.

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